Thursday, 28 July 2011

LIMITED EDITION : kylie minogue - the collection : the albums (2000-2010)

i had previously shown you the images i found of this edition over on another blog, but now my copy has arrived!! another kylie limited edition to tide me over until 'the goddess edition' be fair, in it's own right, this boxset of kyles' last 5 albums is a pretty solid piece, so let's dive in....

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front of boxset (LOVING the mash-up of the 5 albums into one image!)

love me some sticker-action...

close up to show the silver-foil effect used on the type


side (p.s. you're gunna see quite a bit of my hands in this post...quite a few "too thin to stand alone" pieces here, apols!)

opening up...

in this edition each of the 5 albums have been given an individual colour (relevant to the original covers of each). it's a really lovely detail and is upheld throughout the whole piece.

insert (as you can see on the type, the "colour theme" is being used :D)

side one of insert

side two of insert (as you can see each album gets it's own space for its credits...)

'light years' credits

'fever' credits

'body language' credits

'x' credits

'aphrodite' credits

the 5 CD holders (another lovely detail is the removal of the type on each cover, just leaving the images, it leaves the piece feeling less cluttered and more like they are all one piece, rather then all the seperate types being together and clashing...though don't worry if you miss the "kylie logos" from each...they make a surprise appearance later...)

sides of the 5 holders

close up of sides (a THIRD lovely detail, to make sure the holders are kept in order each album has been given a number of dots depending on what order they should be in : 'light years' = one dot, 'fever' = two dots etc etc. and again this theme is carried out throughout, such as on the back of the whole boxset)

'light years'

as i said there's the "kylie logo" from this album's era :) and you can't see on this low quality photo, but the "dot system" is there too haha!

LOVE that they've updated the discs too (a FOURTH lovely detail lol)!  rather than using all the old discs from the old albums, it feels that everything has been designed specifically for this piece, instead of thrown together!


always loved this "kylie logo"...this is why the design company "adjective noun" is my favourite!!

'body language'



all 5 covers...

all 5 discs...with a special guest appearance from my camera ooops...

finally...not really a complaint, just a change i'd make, in each of the CD holders, an extra image from each album era has been added...

...unfortunately they are inside the holders (which are slipcases) so can not be opened fully and enjoyed, i'm not sure whether this is meant to be a "secret" bonus content or a left over from a previous design, where the holders opened...either way, as i said, it's a small annoyance, which does not taint this boxset overall!! and here's the rest of the images...

NEAR PERFECTION! this whole piece is so well put together and thought out it's ridiculous! truly for the fans (the only people in the world who would buy all the albums again...) and the design of it really shows that. it comes through in all the little added or updated features (the layout, logos, colours, discs etc.) that they wanted to really pull together the 5 albums (not throw them together...) and celebrate the wonderful career kylie has enjoyed over the past decade. HERE'S TO THE COLLECTION 2010 - 2020!!

originality : 6/10
materials : 9/10
design : 10/10
the music! : 10/10
overall : 8.5/10


  1. Just bought one from ebay due to your pics thanks for sharing them can't wait to get mine.

  2. You're welcome - thanks for checking out my blog :) I also have pics from the 'Aphrodite (The Goddess Edition)' which is beautiful!